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As the creative design lead and graphic maestro behind the Foresight app, I was pivotal in translating Accenture's esteemed thought leadership into a digital odyssey for clients and stakeholders. Celebrated at Davos, Foresight emerged as the company's premier conduit for intellectual engagement, revolutionizing client interactions. I crafted an app experience where users curate their own narrative, choosing to read, view, or listen at their whim. Beyond the app's digital realm, my creative touch extended to its out-of-home and digital advertising campaigns, amplifying its presence in the global arena.


I delved deep into understanding user needs, ensuring the Foresight app met and surpassed expectations. Through meticulous market analysis, I identified opportunities for innovation. Adopting a holistic approach, I harmonized business objectives with user desires, laying the groundwork for the app's visionary trajectory.


I crafted detailed wireframes that visualized the app's structure and user journey. Embracing collaboration, I integrated diverse ideas, refining designs based on regular feedback. Throughout, my focus was on clarity and usability, ensuring an intuitive user experience.


I conducted comprehensive user research, unveiling crucial preferences and behaviors. By benchmarking against industry leaders, I discerned best practices. Keeping abreast of mobile trends and consistently seeking user feedback, I ensured Foresight stayed ahead of the curve.


I designed Foresight, blending functionality with contemporary aesthetics. I established a consistent theme across all pages, fortifying the brand's identity. Mindful of our mobile audience, I developed a responsive design, integrating dynamic elements to heighten user engagement.