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Accenture, the world’s largest consulting services firm, needed a strategic leader to enhance its communications efforts across diverse sectors, including technology, finance, media, and life sciences. The challenge was to unify messaging across all levels of leadership and engage stakeholders effectively.

Corporate Communications

Led and built an integrated communications strategy that focused on corporate reputation, thought leadership, and executive visibility that has positioned Accenture as leader in AI, total enterprise reinvention, cybersecurity, and business strategy.

Internal and Executive Communications

  • Developed and drove global strategy – leveraging internal and external channels, strategic partnerships, press, and integrated digital strategies – to advance Accenture’s reputation as a trusted, mission-driven organization committed to ESG and DEI.
  • Create and drive clearly defined CEO, CTO, CIO and Global Management Committee (GMC) messages across all channels, reaching and engaging key stakeholders such as employees, customers, business partners, policy makers and local communities.
  • Support executive speaking engagements and leverage internal/external
    media channels to amplify the company’s purpose and strategy.
  • Lead storytelling and narrative development for CEO and global management committee developing scripts and talking points for keynotes, presentations and conferences and events, employee, and media engagements.

DEI Communications

Marketing & Branding

V360 Awards

Accenture, a global leader in consulting services, needed to showcase its innovative collaborations with clients and celebrate its internal teams' efforts to deliver 360° value to clients, the company, and the community. This celebration, known as the V360 Awards, required meticulous planning and effective communication to engage a wide audience, including executives and clients.


Serving as both the Project Communication Lead and Host for the V360 Awards, took charge of creating a memorable and impactful event that would resonate with both internal and external audiences. My role extended beyond conventional communication tasks to include hosting the event and engaging the audience effectively.

Coaching Excellence: Leveraging extensive experience to provide coaching and guidance to Accenture consultants and client executives, helping them refine their messaging and presentation skills to ensure that their innovative collaborations were effectively communicated.

Client-Centric Celebration: Recognizing the importance of celebrating the successes of both internal teams and clients, I ensured that client representatives felt valued and prepared to share their co-innovation stories with authenticity and impact.

Engagement Across the Board: Engaged with executives at companies like Iyo Bank, Walt Disney Company, ESB Networks, and Bharat Petroleum, fostering collaboration and ensuring that their voices were heard during the event.

Host: As the host of the event, I leveraged my journalism experience to portray a charismatic presence and communication skills to the forefront. He kept the audience engaged, facilitated discussions, and ensured that the event flowed seamlessly.


The V360 Awards event was a resounding success, thanks to my multifaceted role as both Project Communication Lead and Host. My contributions led to several notable achievements:

  • Effective Client Engagement: Client representatives from Iyo Bank, Walt Disney Company, ESB Networks, and Bharat Petroleum shared their co-innovation stories with confidence, emphasizing the value delivered through their collaborations with Accenture.
  • C-suite Preparedness: Accenture’s global CEO and C-suite leaders were well-prepared for the event, showcasing a deep understanding of the innovative collaborations and their significance.
  • Authentic Celebration: The event effectively celebrated Accenture’s internal teams and their outstanding contributions, strengthening the sense of community and innovation within the organization.
  • Engaging Hosting: My hosting skills added an extra layer of engagement and excitement to the event. His charismatic presence given 15 years experience as a broadcaster ensured that the audience was captivated throughout the ceremony.
  • Client Appreciation: Clients felt appreciated and recognized for their roles in driving innovation, fostering stronger client relationships.

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