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Building an FDNY that reflects the communities it serves


Following a landmark lawsuit settlement in 2014, requiring significant reparations and systematic changes to address discrimination against minority applicants, the FDNY was mandated to revolutionize its recruitment approach to create a more diverse and representative workforce.

The primary objective was to attract candidates that reflect the diversity of New York City. This initiative was a response to the historical underrepresentation of various demographics, including Black and hispanic candidates and women, within the department.

#JoinFDNY social strategy

FDNY Women

The FDNY Women initiative underscores the Department’s dedication to diversity by highlighting the integral roles and successes of women across firefighting and emergency medical services. This effort aims to break gender barriers and foster a more inclusive environment, encouraging women of all backgrounds to pursue careers within the FDNY.

Black EMS Chiefs

Focusing on the accomplishments and leadership of Black EMS Chiefs, this initiative showcases the FDNY’s commitment to diversity and inclusion at all levels. By celebrating these trailblazers, the campaign aims to inspire individuals from underrepresented groups to envision themselves in roles of impact and leadership within emergency services.


#FDNYFit leverages a diversity framework to address the physical readiness of aspiring firefighters, offering accessible fitness preparation resources. This campaign aims to democratize the preparation process for the FDNY’s physical test, encouraging a broader, more diverse pool of candidates to pursue their dream of serving New York City.


Communications and marketing efforts played a pivotal role in raising the profile of FDNY’s equity initiatives. Strategic storytelling, digital engagement, and targeted outreach were harnessed to ensure these essential programs not only received the attention they deserved but also sparked action within and beyond the FDNY.

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Elevating Equity


The Firefighter Candidate Mentorship Program, a cornerstone initiative by the FDNY, was brought to life through an innovative communications campaign aimed at showcasing the journey of New York’s future firefighters.

FDNY Task Force on Racial Equity

Developing messaging and thought leadership around the ways the department confronts and eradicates racial barriers

Fire Safety Educational Information in More Languages

This initiative ensured that crucial safety information reached diverse communities in their native languages, breaking down barriers to vital knowledge and empowering all New Yorkers with the tools to protect themselves and their families.


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