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Fostering diversity inclusion belonging

Championing corporate diversity ethos

Spearheaded the integration of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging (DEI&B) principles into the core values of Callisto Media, ensuring they became an intrinsic part of the company culture and operational strategy.

Led initiatives that emphasized diversity as the driving force behind innovation, creativity, and organizational success, aligning with the company's mission to foster an environment of authenticity and belonging.

Promoting gender equity

Led the ideation and execution of a cutting-edge communications strategy for the #InternationalWomensDay event, aligning with Callisto Media's core values of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging. Expertly crafted messages highlighted our societal progress in gender equality and the path forward to achieving true parity, embodying Accenture's ethos of driving innovation through inclusion.

Utilized the event to reinforce Callisto Media's standing as a frontrunner in promoting gender equality within the publishing sector. Executed a sophisticated public relations campaign that leveraged cross-channel communication to enhance our market presence, mirroring Accenture's strategic approach to brand positioning through thought leadership and industry advocacy.

Taking meaningful action

Orchestrated a comprehensive communications strategy that underscored Callisto Media’s unwavering commitment to equality and zero tolerance for racism, bigotry, or hate.

The Humble Bundle Charity Initiative represented a unique opportunity for Callisto Media to align its DEI values with actionable support for racial and ethnic equality. Callisto Media's contribution of "Black Women in Science" was not just a donation but a statement of their commitment to highlighting influential stories and supporting crucial causes.